Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gifts for girlfriends!

It's the holiday season and I'm constantly looking for fun and unique gifts to give to my friends. I got to review these two lines and I really enjoyed them so wanted to share!

I recently got some samples from La Falaise, an organic bath line from France and I love it! First of all, love the packaging. Just simple and modern. The different fragrances are all really unique and neat like the Green Tea and Muscat Rose Duo. I am loving the gift sets and am definitely thinking about getting them for each of my friends.

Another thing that I love to give as gifts is jewelry and when I got an email about Rebekah Green jewelry I immediately thought -presents! The designs are all really cute and the prices are great. The ones on the top are $40 and the ones on the bottom are $50. The best part is that they are all fair trade (eco-friendly) and handmade!

Go here to check out the rest of the designs!

I think any girl would be happy to get either of these lines as gifts and they are totally Style-ish approved! :)

These reviews were not paid.

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Mindy said...

Beautiful earrings!