Thursday, August 14, 2008

simply fabulous... always fun!

I have something to confess. I am a candy addict. I will often times substitute my dinner or lunch for candy. Unhealthy, yes, but I just love me some candy. When I was contacted by BlogHer and M&M's to receive free samples and review the new line of M&M's and I was pretty dang excited. I am not a chocolate person but I do love M&M's. J and I buy a Costco pack of peanut M&M's to keep on hand at all times. And then when I found out that these were not just regular M&M's but their M&M's Premium line, well I was intrigued. How could you change something already so tasty?

Well, they did it and they did it fabulously. The tag line is "simply fabulous... always fun". I love it! I try to make everything in life fabulous and fun. My aim for this blog is to talk about the fabulous things I come across and to make it fun as well so it seemed very appropriate that these M&M's would fit into my blog.

Opening the box was quite a surprise as I found instead of the regular M&M's bags that we are used to, were these fun, colorful boxes and the M&M's itself looked like fancy little speckled eggs in vibrant colors. Fabulous for sure! I surveyed my choices: Mocha, Triple Chocoloate, Raspberry Almond, Mint Chocolate and Chocolate Almond and instantly opened the Mocha as I'm a big time coffee lover (I do live in Seattle!). My initial thought was "wait, what happened to the candy shell?" That's what makes M&M's right? It didn't take me long to dig into all the other flavors and by the time I was done testing them all, I decided that I liked it without the candy shell. I think because I was so used to regular M&M's the initial shock of, "wait, this tastes different" is a bit overwhelming but the true chocolate flavor replaces that and you realize how good it really is.

Mocha pretty much tastes like a chocolate covered espresso bean without the bean. So yummy!

Raspberry Almond is the perfect mix of raspberry flavor and chocolate. he almond adds the perfect texture to the combination.

At Christmas time I always pick up a bag of mint M&M's so I was expecting the mint ones to be the same but actually these ones are made of white chocolate. Ugh. Do you know that they are single handedly going to make me gain weight before my wedding?! I LOVE white chocolate. So delish!

Chocolate Almond is pretty much just like the regular almond M&M's but without the candy shell. Nothing too exciting but good nonetheless.

Triple Chocolate is actually layers of white, dark and milk chocolate all in one little M&M. Funny enough, it's a bit too much chocolate for me. I'd probably just stick with plain M&M's. But if you are a chocolate lover, you will probably love these.

Overall these M&M's are more of a grown up kind of candy but still a lot of fun. With all these new pretty colors, I think they would also be great to use for wedding favors or in candy buffets. I think I may be adding the Mocha ones to our guests favor bags for the wedding to add a bit of a Seattle vibe while we are in Jamaica!

Of course I wouldn't leave you without showing you pictures of these pretty little things!
The Mocha M&M's. Aren't they such a pretty golden color?

The pretty packaging

M&M's make me happy!

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