Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Such a doll!

I have been looking forward to seeing the New York Fashion Week runway shows and when I found out that Barbie was having a fashion show to celebrate Barbie's 50th Anniversary, I was totally intrigued. I'm one of those girls that has always been super girly and Barbies were the ultimate toy for me. I mean, the outfits, the shoes, the hair! All the possibilities and fun to be had with dressing her up. Between my sister and I we had quite the collection of Barbies and all her accessories. When BlogHer asked me to review all the exciting events going on for Barbie's 50th, how could I say no? She was my first fashion icon!

First off, the runway show. Fun, fun, fun! The clothes and the styling were so fantastic, it was totally Barbie for adults. I loved every part of it!

Here are some of my favorites. All so perfectly Barbie, girly, frilly and pretty!

The white dress on top reminds me of the Bride Barbie that I got that I loved so much that I never even took it out of the box!! I just stared at it, I couldn't stand thinking of ruining her pretty white dress and perfect hair so I was completely happy with keeping her in the box looking perfect as ever.

Check out the shoes! Hot! Can someone hook me up with a pair? ;)

I was also excited to see the Barbie loves Stila collection. As you know, I love makeup, especially Stila and they always have such fun packaging so the two fit together so well.

My pick is the "Jewel Doll" the pink and gold shimmer colors are fun but easy to wear all the time.

The Barbie T3 hairdryer, however, may be the coolest. I already own the pink T3 (which I love, love, love!) so I can't wait to see what the Barbie T3 will be like.

It is amazing to see all the fun stuff come out of Barbie's 50th, especially since they are throwing her a birthday party at a REAL Malibu Dream House. Can you believe they built an actual Malibu Dream House? I didn't have the Malibu house growing up, but we did have a Barbie pool house that was just as awesome so I can only imagine what stepping into the real Malibu house would be like. I'm thinking that I need to find a way to get to this party just so I can take a lookbook picture on the pink carpet!

So, who else was a Barbie girl? I know I'm not the only one! Would love to hear your stories!

More information from Barbie Press Release:
All Doll’d Up with “Barbie™ Loves Stila” Cosmetic Collection & T3 Barbie™ Hair Dryer: As much as Barbie® is known for her fashion, she is almost as famous for her face. This year, Barbie® gets all “dolled up” with Stila, announcing the cosmetics company as its Official Prestige Makeup Partner for 2009. Stila will celebrate all things Barbie®, bringing her signature beauty looks to life with innovative, whimsical beauty products, including a limited edition spring collection of beauty cans and a talking palette, all of which will precede a larger collection and Barbie™ beauty program slated for Fall 2009. (available at Sephora 5th Avenue store, Sephora International stores and Sephora.com beginning late January 2009; Fall collection due in late summer.) The Barbie™ beauty program extends beyond just cosmetics into the world of hair care with prestigious partner T3, coming this fall.

Barbie®’s Birthday Party at Her “Real” Malibu Dream House®: On March 9th (Barbie® doll's actual birthday), event-planner-to-the-stars Colin Cowie will help throw Barbie® an outrageously pink birthday celebration at – where else – but a real Barbie® Malibu Dream House®, styled and decorated by famed “Happy Chic” interior designer Jonathan Adler. The newly designed “real” Dream House® (located on the beach in Malibu, Calif.) will play backdrop to what is sure to be the most talked about “pink-carpet” birthday bash of the year, where Barbie®'s closest famous friends from throughout the years will be invited to peek into the fashionista’s storied closet! (Barbie® Birthday Party on March 9, 2009 – by invitation only).

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stealthnerd said...

The outfit with the pink blazer is by far my favorite. I'm SUCH a Barbie-lover! I even wrote a post about how my dream job would be to design for Barbie....

E and S said...

I am totally with you on those pink shoes. Where can I get me some?

I was a total Barbie lover and loved just trying different looks on her.

Aquamarina said...

Pink colour - the best! I adore... Sometimes the truth bothers, but all the same it is pleasant!!!